Friday, January 25, 2008



I must say that I hated that question for years. My best answer to this particular question was always: "Well, I actually do not have one; I love all colors."

I did not realize that my confusion in life had stopped me from deciphering my favorite color. My lack of clarity deprived me from experiencing life. My dreams and visions were cloudy which continuously allowed me to create poisonous relationships around me. My mind, body and soul were deeply affected due to lack of authenticity and integrity. My inability to make choices withheld me from numerous opportunities. I was living a dead life; a life without color. My mind, body and soul projected nothing but sadness and depression. I became the cause of deplorable and regrettable griefs. Doors were closing before me and darkness always seemed to be present.

After a series of struggles throughout the years, I finally realized who I was and my purpose and service in life. I recognized my strength and stability by renewing my relationship with God. I also realized that I failed by disconnecting myself with God. Then, through prophetic readings and training and development studies, I empowered myself and renewed my relationship with God by simply connecting to a prophet. I became aware that God never failed me, but I failed myself by separating my mind, body and soul from God. Then, I learned...I learned the hard way, that I am God. God is in me at all times. I learned that I have the same access to power and power to create as God as done and continues to do. I realized that I am whole and complete; and better yet, perfectly divine. My acceptance of the God-In-Me allowed me to decipher my favorite color, for once and for all. My passion for life revealed to me that my favorite color is indeed red.


Yes, it is red and I am certain. I am choosing my favorite color to be red due to its unique significance. Red symbolizes fire, passion and sexuality. And fire, passion and sexuality keeps us alive. My exuberant personality has revealed to me that red actually suits me since I always keep others on their toes. To the point, that I created the possibility of being alive, hot and sexy and living by these standards throughout my life. I must say that living within possibility as open several doors for me within the dating world. I am enjoying myself! Life is fun and better yet, it is just a game. And, I am glad to confirm that I am willing to play the game of life which as relieved me from living a dead life. My commitment to giving up negative characteristics such as manipulation, domination, control, defense, protection, avoidance, and resistance has created several opportunities for me and others impacted by me. By giving up all of this trash, I have released my stress. Life actually has become lighter. Now, I am only left with NOTHING. Yes, nothing. I gave it all up and created a new beginning for myself and my life. I am choosing now to create positivity within my life as oppose to negativity. I am aware that I am the cause of all things directly and indirectly connected to me. So this year 2008, I have chosen to conciously wear the color red. I am taking the responsibility of being passion for life. I am eager to just be alive. Life is beautiful when you own your color.

Special thanks to my mentors and coaches. Thank you for being part of my transformation journey. I love you, all.